Saturday, 30 April 2011

The Royal Wedding

I woke up at 3am on Friday to watch THE wedding! I spent the morning with a small number of British and American missionaries. The house was decorated with Union Jack bunting and people were wearing union jack hats, waving their flags every time a guest arrived into the wedding ceremony. I was not impressed at waking up SO early. It did not help me get over my jet lag! It was strange to be watching London, sat in Ecuador! The Cadburys Dairy milk I brought over was VERY much appreciated! A full English breakfast was eaten and then we all parted ways and went back to our Ecuadorian life. VERY surreal. It stayed in my mind all day. The richness of the wedding, the lavish dresses, the horses, guards, expensive cars and the amount of money that was spent that day must have been immense. It has been very hard to work out in my mind, what I think of it when I am in a country with poverty right in my face. There is not red carpet, posh cars, lavish dresses. It is hand to mouth here. You earn money, how you can, to survive. I couldn’t help but feeling a bit sad during the wedding.


  1. Good on you Amy for getting up so early! The Queen would be proud of you!
    We spent the day with our eldest, Matthew, and his wife Lindy and our grandson Rio. I took bunting & draped it round their house and garden! Spent much of the day watching the celebrations on TV. I loved it all! But as you say, a lot of money must have been spent.
    Hope you are settling in and acclimatising to a different culture. So much to take in, I'm sure. Sure your Spanish will pick up whilst living with the family.
    Lots of love
    Sally and Mark xxx

  2. I just loved the wedding, in particular for the way that it was lavish (because it had to be) but it had such ordinary touches which, I think means they are very much in touch with ordinary life. Kate looked very elegant, but regal as well. We just managed to watch the KISS (ES) then we drove to Worthing to Pat's cousin's surprise 40th birthday party - so it was a very busy day all round. Take care x x x x