Friday, 6 April 2012


Today, randomly on the TV, was a documentary about London. I sat and watched it. Surprisingly it brought tears to my eyes. That was my Country that I was watching. There were rainy/grey days, black cabs, red telephone boxes, buses, glimpses of England! It made me realise things I had missed.

Today, I had a special Easter lunch with the family. Fanesca is a soup with lots of grains and beans in it. Followed by mashed potato, eggs, cheese on lettuce. Whilst the girls were preparing it, they had some pineapple on the side, next to the cheese. I asked if they would eat the cheese and pineapple together. It seemed a strange combination to me. They said they had heard that it tastes quite good, but at that moment, I thought it sounded bizarre. It wasn’t until about an hour later that I realised in England, we do that! We eat cheese and pineapple of cocktails sticks at parties. I had totally forgotton!

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