Wednesday, 2 May 2012


What is Poverty?
I recently spoke with a lady from England who said “we (my friends and I) are all poor… I have actually just bought a new car” (“and you have just booked a cruise”, said another friend).
What is it to be poor?
Is being poor the feeling you have when you have bought a new car, re-done the kitchen, built an extension and at the end of the month, you haven’t got much money left?
Or to be poor; to live in poverty, is to wonder if you actually will have enough money to put food on the table at the next meal.
Is living in poverty being sent out to prostitute yourself several days after having a baby?
Why are some people born into poverty? Why are some born into such a “rich”, affluent family/country/town; full of opportunities, free education etc, with cupboards full of food and a leak free roof over their head.
Doesn’t really seem very fair?

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  1. So that the 'rich' can show God's love by sharing with those who do not have... that's why! (That's what I think anyway, although I have been known, on more than a few occasions, to be wrong!)