Tuesday, 14 June 2011

Broken hearted

You have broken my heart.
I can not stop thinking about you.
I love you even though I have met you only once.
I looked at you through tear filled eyes.
Others may have given up on you, not realising your potential but I see something in you.
You made me cry but you have helped me to realise what is important in life.
You have been someone who has begun to change something in my life.
You sparked something in me; a desire to change lives, beginning with you.
We have not spoken to each other. You did not even hold my hand.
You have not looked at me or even acknowledged me, but I still love you.

Poem inspired by a 4 year old boy with severe Autism who lives in an Ecuadorian shanty town. 


  1. This is so moving Amy. God has given you a special heart for children such as this and he will bless you as you serve him.

  2. Great poem. As I said, God has sent the right person for the job! JZxxx

  3. when experiencing a low or a why moment then remember that child remember the feeling and all will become clear once more. God bless and keep being so brilliant. L x x

  4. God has given me my child for a reason. Maybe there's something in me that I just haven't figured out yet, or it's just not the right time in my life and it will come. I pray for help to reach my potential with her and your experiences help!! Keep up the work and love with these children. Xx

  5. if you love your heart will be broken many times, but don't let that stop you loving because there are many children (and adults) who are so in need of love and sometimes a kind word, a smile or an embrace... depending on child... means so much to them. I'll be praying x

  6. Amy my lovely, you have such a big heart for children and especially children with special needs. God will watch over you as you work with these little ones. love Daffers x x

  7. This is a really moving poem. Thank you for writing it.Seeing that little boy was one of life's "changing" moments and you will never be quite the same again.