Thursday, 31 May 2012


I loved my time in London. It was great to have a relaxed day with my mum, to celebrate her birthday. We visited lots of places that she has never been to visit. We took the train and could relax from start to finish. It was a sunny day and we took our time wandering around free museums, Parks and soaking up the “jubilee” vibes. Places were getting ready for the celebrations at the weekend. I loved seeing foreign tourists finding their way around with a slight expression of confusion on their faces. I could empathise with them. There were loads of French and German tourists and a few Spanish. I loved hearing them talk and being able to understand. It made me miss speaking Spanish.

It was great to see the Olympic medal exhibition in the British museum. I am so excited for the Olympics to come to England.
I felt very proud to be British; to walk around my Capital City, to see people getting ready to celebrate the Queen’s Jubilee and to know I was back in my Country.

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