Monday, 3 September 2012

New blog

It's been so great to blog here and share my journey from England to Ecuador.  However, now I am no longer in Ecuador, but still living a life following God, like I was in Ecuador. I stopped blogging for a while and realised I missed it!

So, you can read more of my ramblings if you go to my other blog:


It is named because my name, Amy, means beloved friend. I like it because it is an instruction… Be loved. I feel it comes from God, telling me to be loved. I am loved by him. I am also extremely privileged to be loved by my family and many friends.

I want to share that. I want others to know they are loved, no matter what. I hope that my blog makes you think, challenges your way of thinking and encourages you.

Thank you for reading…. And keep reading!

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