Monday, 19 March 2012

You can teach crafts in any language

One of my friends who came to visit me is a very talented lady. With a wealth of knowledge on all things art, crafts and textiles, and experience of leading workshops, she gave a workshop to the women in Laura Flores. Being Laura Flores of course you never know what to expect. How many women, how many kids, would they be interested, would it be too easy/difficult? Despite not knowing any answers to the questions, the workshop was a big success.

Sewing/craft workshop with women, children and stray dogs!
My friend had brought lots of ideas of things the women could make and sell to make some money. She explained in English how to do each bit, I translated, the best I could and then a wonderful Ecuadorian lady re-explained everything in good Spanish. I can communicate with people but don’t know words for sew, stitch, stitch this edge with loose stitches, fold this over etc. To make matters worse I kept forgetting the verb “to sew” and confused it with the verb “to cook” so totally baffled the women. They loved my friend though and she demonstrated everything to each women, giving them the time and encouragement they needed. They loved it. I felt very proud of my friends to come and meet and serve the women of Laura Flores.
Teaching the women how to make ribbon roses

Some finished flowers

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