Monday, 16 May 2011


Whenever I meet up with my University friends, we spend the vast majority of our time talking about and consuming food! We love it! I love trying new foods. Well, just so long as I know what it is! I have tried many new food combinations here in Ecuador and I have mostly known what it is! Ecuadorians eat a lot of rice:
Rice and meat,
Rice, potatoes and meat,
Rice, meat, potatoes and eggs
Rice, meat, potatoes, fried bananas etc etc. The dad in the family I’m staying with loves rice with pasta. We had chips and chicken nuggets the other day. Such a reminder of an English “beige” food meal.
On the other extreme, I went to a really posh restaurant on Sunday. I laughed several times, as it was totally one of those situations where you think “how on earth did I end up here!”
There are so many new and exciting fruits here. They don’t seem to have an English equivalent. They are really delicious. I have also tried things that aren’t so delicious. Top of the list is probably cow’s stomach and chicken stomach, (which actually wasn’t as bad). I have eaten haggis before (I am not fully aware of what that is exactly, so don’t tell me) so I thought I could handle the other new things! I am not so sure I am keen on trying “Cuy” here (guinea pig) as these were very fond pets of mine!
Talking of pets, where I am living has so many dogs running wild. (I have not eaten these… to my knowledge anyway) Sometimes I walk past them without considering they are there and other days they seem to bark ferociously at me. I wonder if it is true that they can sense fear? The days I am more fearful of them, they do seem to bark more! My mind goes into overdrive and I become scared that their barks will become more vicious, they will jump down from their rooftops and they are going to go for my leg and start gnawing on my white flesh. I think this is all in my imagination!
Anyway, I wonder what we will have for lunch today….

"Oh, taste and see that the LORD is good! Blessed is the man who takes refuge in him!" Psalm 34 v 8

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  1. It's so exciting when you taste difference foods, but very scary as well! Brain is tasty when you don't know what it is!! As well as ducks tongues and the fallopian tube of pigs!! These have been my experiences in eating strange food.

    Well I guess if you just have a taste and manage to chew and swallow it you're okay. But the problem will be is when you are given something you can't even put into your mouth!!! I hope that doesn't happen - eat lots of rice and potatoes with it I guess.

    God bless you Amy x x x x