Monday, 16 May 2011


Last weekend I visited a waterfall with another English girl who is in Quito until June. We had a very adventurous day; starting off on a bus, but that then terminated so we had the choice of a 8km walk or getting a lift with a passing car. These should have passed by frequently, however today was voting day so everywhere seemed very quiet and there were no cars! We started walking any way and eventually after several people offering us lifts and not coming back for us, we did eventually get a lift to the falls. Well, not exactly to the falls. We walked for another 30minutes and then were offered a 20minute cable car ride and a 20minute walk to the biggest falls. This sounded good. This cable car was started with an old engine, looking a bit like Dad’s boat engine and this engine didn’t start first time… always fills you with confidence that it is used regularly! As we began this 20minute journey, no sooner had I got my camera out of my bag, were we at the other side. So began the 20minute walk, along a non existent path through water, over rocks and through trees. We walked for an hour until we arrived at the falls. It was really pretty. Not quite Niagara Falls, but amazing to be able to get so close.

I thought a lot about how close you get to experience something. I was happy to stand at a distance and look at the falls. I could say I experienced it. However, when I went closer and felt the spray of the water, I got a greater experience of it. What stopped me going even closer, as the others did, to really get soaked by the spray of the water? Was I afraid? Would I have gained a greater experience of it? How is this similar to my relationship with God? Am I happy to just see God at work, hearing stories from other people of how he is at work in their lives and the miracles and blessings that he gives? Or do I want to experience these for myself? Am I afraid to submit more of my life to God? Am I worried what might happen if I give everything and then I am not in control? Or do I trust him and give him control over where I work, what I do? How much do I really want to see him at work in my life?

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  1. Hey Amy, you have much time for reflection, and the waterfall experience made you think deeply. There are times when I wonder whether myself about whether I'm too distant from God, but that I feel so close to Him I realise that He's always there when I need Him. love Daffers x x