Friday, 6 May 2011


I realised that I have written a lot about what I have been thinking and learning but nothing really of what I am doing here, so sorry!
My time for the next month or so is to do intensive language study. I am living about 40minutes from Quito, so it is less busy here than the Captial City. I get up around 8 ish, to guaranteed sun (lovely!) and have breakfast with Elvira. I then walk up the road to a near by Theological College where I can sit and do some Spanish homework and chat with the students (well, I do more listening and smiling but it is good to practise my Spanish!) I talk to some of the children too, who help me with my homework!
I walk back to the house for lunch (lots of rice!) and then go to my Spanish lesson all afternoon.
In the evening I spend time with the family, talking or we may go somewhere. I am reading a Psalm a day, in Spanish, to Elvira, to help my reading!

Where I study


  1. It's so lovely to read about your experiences so far. Everything seems so different almost alien! Won't be long before you're an alien too! All is good here, we had officers training at New Life Church yesterday. It was a good day and everyone seemed to enjoy it. Helen kept referring to your Mum as she had been on the training day with her. Keep on talking to the children, you will feel more relaxed with them and they won't mind if you get it wrong x x x

  2. That looks like a pretty place. I'm sure you'll get up to speed quicker than you think! xxx