Tuesday, 12 July 2011


So I went swimming this evening with a friend here. We paid our monthly fee and sat down, waiting for our adult swimming lesson. Soon after we sat down, we got called over to speak with an instructor. Had we done something wrong!? We were like naughty school children being called into the headmaster’s office! We were called over for our warm up training session. How embarrassing. We were not prepared for that! Fortunately for us, the lady who led the running took us at a slow pace! We got changed, learning along the way we had to take a freezing cold shower first, we should have worn swimming hats and that we may have needed to wear a wetsuit (yes seriously, someone wore a wetsuit in the pool.) We jumped in, received our instructions and got on our way. It was so amazing to swim at night. It has its good and not so good parts! It was amazing to swim on my back, looking at the stars and moon. It is so peaceful and tranquil. I was thinking of bible verses that talk about the moon and was reminded of the verse in Psalm 121 which says “The Lord watches over you, the Lord is your shade and your right hand; the sun will not harm you by day nor the moon by night”. On the negative side, I definitely knew I was in Ecuador, as I swam to the side, held on to listen to the instructor and down my arm crawled a cockroach which swam off in the water! I also put loads of bug spray on before I swam. I put lots on my face and I now know that chlorine and bug spray when mixed together is not nice, especially when it gets in your eyes!
All in all it was an eventful evening but really enjoyable.   It has cheered me up and energised me for the week ahead.

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