Monday, 16 January 2012


Sunday is a family day for me. When I was growing up, the 4 of us in our family would always have my Grandpa over for Sunday Roast. It would follow the same routine; all of us trying not to get Grandpa to tell the boys who won the Formula 1 motor racing, (if he had seen the news earlier in the day)  My brother and I split the jobs of stirring the gravy or laying the table, no-one ever wanted to sit too close to Grandpa whilst eating as he always put so much pepper on his dinner (and most of our dinners too). It would be a quiet afternoon but a nice one, together, When I moved out I still loved Sundays. It still was still a family day, but even though I did not live near my family, I joined other families. 
This weekend my parents visited one of my other “families”. A family that I feel part of and loved within. It is so strange not being there with them. I would love to be there, to join them for lunch, to hang out with them all on that Sunday afternoon. However, I am not. I have had several reminders this weekend that I am not at home, in England, with my family. 

My Family

My God daughter turned 4 at the weekend. She asked if I could come to her party.  I was sad not to be there. I will be there to celebrate her 5th. Sometimes I feel like I am missing out on lots of things; seeing children grow up, being there to support friends, going to a friends wedding etc. Although I am just the other end of an email or a skype call, it is not the same.
I could sit and grumble about how I want to go and visit my friends and family and how I can not do that now. I could grumble about the heat here or the heavy rainfall or the pollution or living so far from the sea. Or I can realise why I am here. As I walked to the Baptist church school today, I was reminded of that again. I was walking to the church to work with some children who find it difficult to speak and communicate. I am here to help the children to communicate better. I am here to share what I have learnt in England, with the teachers here. I am also here to share some of my experiences; to challenge, encourage and make others, at home, think outside their lives. I am blessed. I have been blessed with a degree. I have been blessed with jobs in England that have developed my skills. I have been blessed with friends and family who have helped shape me to be who I am now.  I am blessed to work in a beautiful Country here. I am blessed to know that I have a God who loves me and knows why I am here now and where I will go afterwards.

Psalm 142 v 2-3
"I pour out my complaint before him; before him I tell my trouble.
When my spirit grows faint within me, it is you who know my way"

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