Thursday, 12 January 2012

To ponder

I recently received a magazine in the post and have enjoyed being challenged whilst reading it. I tried to write something interesting to combine it all together, but it didn’t take shape. So I leave you with the quotes to ponder.

“The bottom line is that we’re called to live by faith not by fear. If you look at most people’s decision-making in the West, we make decisions from a paradigm of fear. We often do something to prevent something from happening. Put our security in our house or pension, because we don’t really trust God. I don’t want to live like that“
Simon Guillebaud working in Burundi

“Deep end discipleship is “cruciform” it is cross shaped. It means emphasising responsibilities over rights, service over pleasure and contributing over consuming. To live this countercultural call in today’s world will inevitably involve sacrifice.”
“Deep end discipleship means doing what God says even when it is not convenient to us.”
“Inspired by the call of Christ and filled by his spirit may he give us grace to be deep end disciples with lives hallmarked by obedience, holiness, mission and sacrifice “
Greg Downes

“One of the greatest miracles of all is to see followers of Jesus doing ordinary and sometimes dishwater-dull tasks with excellence and faithfulness. It takes courage to live the ordinary life.”
Jeff Lucas

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