Wednesday, 1 February 2012


Iguana posing for the camera
After all the end of year school programs and the American’s visit, my time has been spent with a few English friends who will be leaving shortly. One is getting married and moving to another Country and the other returning to England. We had a fun time visiting another city called Guayaquil. 

Completing the 444 steps up to the lighthouse, to view Guayaquil
It is the largest city in Ecuador. We visited the Iguana park- an open park full of Pigeons and Iguanas! It was almost like Trafalgar Square with all the pigeons but with Iguanas too! We walked along the river (Maracon) and up the 444 steps to the lighthouse to view the City.  
The view of Guayaquil; the City and river
Victoria, me and Claire, with the Iguanas in the Park
It has been a fun couple of weeks, to celebrate the children’s achievements in the schools and also to spend time with friends, visiting new places. It has been a mixed time emotionally actually; knowing that some good friends will be leaving soon and life will be very different for my last few months here. Although I am excited by what I may learn and experience in my last 3 months here in Ecuador,  I cannot help but wonder what I will do, where I will be when I return to England.

Passing many banana plantations on the way, and the Dole farms.

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  1. Isaac loving the 'dragons' in these pictures!! Alex