Tuesday, 28 February 2012

Laura Flores Church

Inside the church. Art work made by the children of Laura Flores
when the American team came to visit
Today, (Sunday 26th) saw the first Sunday church service in Laura Flores. This barrio is a poor community. It is a totally different world. It is a place of gangs, prostitution, drugs, violence, poverty and single women abandoned by their husbands, often leaving them destitute with several children. The more I learn about this place and get to know people who live there, the more I wonder why God allows such suffering? 

First church service

There are women who have 6 or 8 children who have been abandoned by their husbands, women who have stayed with their husbands for fear of what the man would do to them if they tried to leave, a 16 year old who is pregnant with her 2nd child whose partner has left her for another girl,  the women who work hard to earn money and their partners spend all of the money on alcohol so the children go hungry, women who have children who are drug addicts… the stories go on and on. 
However, now, Laura Flores has its own church in the centre, right in the heart of this barrio. “A church that gives people hope. There are many people who work hard in this barrio to help some of these people get out of their abusive relationships, offer education to the children or therapy for drug addictions. However, many people do not take this help. Only God can help these people, change their hearts and minds.
I often wonder what the future holds for the children of Laura Flores

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