Thursday, 18 August 2011

Half way through the week:

This week is definitely going to be one of those significant ones. It is only Wednesday and there is so much to share!
Tuesday started fairly normally but in the afternoon I didn’t work and spent the time with my friend who is poorly. It is hard to know what to do or say, but I always think, just being there and doing little things for them is helpful. We had a trip out to the English doctor and I enjoyed a nice swim in the evening. (Although I spent the whole hour avoiding talking to the teacher because I knew he would make me swim butterfly and I don’t like doing it!) Wednesday came and was the usual busy morning in the school and at the end of the morning I sorted out my lift to Laura Flores. It turned out I was being picked up and we would go on a motorbike! I have never liked motorbikes. I don’t know why. I flatly refuse to ever go on one and don’t think they are safe. I can throw myself out of a plane to do a skydive or parachute off a cliff but I was more scared about going on the back of the bike! I could have got out of it, taken the easy option and got a bus or taxi but if I always take the easy way out, I don’t think I will experience new things or grow. So I did it… hopped on the back of the motorbike, burnt my leg on the exhaust pipe and headed off to Laura Flores. I knew I wasn’t in England when I sat on this bike, with an old helmet, the sun beating down on me, dodging in-between buses and yellow taxis and getting dirt and dust in my face. I survived and got to Laura Flores. That place still has an effect on me. In a funny sort of way I am pleased. I don’t want to grow hard hearted and not see the hardship and poverty that is there. Last week I cam home feeling dirty, this week I literally was dirty!

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