Thursday, 25 August 2011


Ok, today has been boiling hot. I’m not actually sure if it has been all that hot or if I have just felt it more! My friend Victoria is poorly at the moment. She has Typhoid and so is feeling cold. She is wrapped up in a fleece. Every time I go into her room I make sure she has the windows open, for some fresh air. Our supervisor is poorly too and in contrast, every time she visits Victoria, she makes sure the windows are closed to avoid a draft! Poor Victoria doesn’t know what to do!
I have rushed around today. After school in the morning I headed off to work in the other school. I had packed my rucksack full of papers and therapy activities and toys/games like any good Speech Therapist and headed off to school. I walked fast to make my walk purposeful and walked right past the school. I was looking for the glass door but realised that I had walked too far. On my return the school was shut, shutters down and everything! It was closed for the day and I hadn’t been told. Never mind! That used to happen in England too. So I dashed off to buy some more school T shirts to find I had to come back later, so I killed some time and checked the post box (which was sadly empty) and went back to get my t shirts. By this point I was boiling. I had to go and explain what kind of t shirts I wanted to this lady and all the time I was thinking about how I could cool down! I wondered if I could go and buy a drink and stand with the fridge door open for a bit. Or would the shop keeper notice if I actually got in the fridge, or even the freezer! So after ordering some t-shirts (hoping I have got the right size and design) I headed home thinking about how I wish I could jump in the sea or the swimming pool near my house. Would the swimming lessons be really that interrupted if I just jumped in, fully clothed and got straight out again! Or just hose me down with the hose pipe, or a bucket of water will do! I eventually made it home to a nice refreshing shower!

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