Thursday, 24 November 2011

Are you living the dream?

I was thinking of this question as I walked to school on Tuesday afternoon this week. I wondered how I would answer the question? I walked to school in the sun, wearing shorts and flip flops. I love it. No long dark winter mornings, driving to work in the dark. No dark cold winter evenings, driving home in the dark.

I am here and I think I am partly living the dream. There are some things that make the dream incomplete. I have lots of unachievable dreams, things I would like to see happen in the World, things I would like to be part of, help set up, help improve the lives of so many children and families. I am not doing most of those things, however, I am here, working with some very poor and fairly needy children and I love it.

(I had a real breakthrough with one of the children in Laura Flores this week. She paid attention for so much of the session and I was so proud of her, when before I just couldn’t seem to support her to concentrate on anything, let alone take turns.)   

I have a friend who trying to live her dream, she is almost there! She dreams of being famous, of millions of people listening to her music, of being signed up by a record label and making it big. She has fought hard to get where she is today and she is living the dream…making music. I admire her for her determination to keep going, perusing her dreams, even when it has been hard work.

Today as I came home from working in Orphaids, the sun was setting. The banana trees in the foreground were silhouettes as the sun set. It was beautiful. I left feeling content and that yes.. I think I am partly living the dream.

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