Sunday, 20 November 2011

Prayer changes things

Sunday 20.11.11

Today I watched a DVD made by CMS, the organisation that I am linked with in the UK. It was an interview with one of the Chilean miners, Jose Henriquez who was rescued in 2010. It was amazing to hear something of his story, especially how many answers to prayers he saw (mainly being rescued!) Whilst trapped in the mine, Jose began to tell people about his faith in God, pray for the others and teach them about what the bible had to say in their lives. Through this one man, being open and honest, many of the miners became Christians. The DVD was really uplifting and made me realise again how big and powerful God is. It reminded me that I am part of something bigger than just me and my life, that God can do amazing things through normal people. This weekend I felt a bit down, wondering if I was wasting my time here. I know that I am not going to change the World but I would like to think that I was making some sort of difference, however small. This afternoon I visited a place that is just a completely different world to what I am used to. I went to Laura Flores and joined a march with other young people from church. The march was a campaign against sexual abuse on children. We handed out leaflets which made people aware of what sexual abuse is and who they can go to for help. An astonishing 21.4% of children and teenagers in Ecuador have suffered sexual abuse. It was really shocking. I felt privileged to be part of something that can make a difference. At the end I sat down on a rock and looked around me; looking at all the rubbish on the floor, the filthy, dusty dirt road, the houses made of concrete blocks or wood/bamboo and the tin roofs. Many people have their Christmas trees up and their houses decorated. I wonder what their Christmas will be like. I just can’t believe that right here, in this place, statistically over 20% of the children in this place would have suffered sexual abuse and have to live in such basic conditions. By faith, I know that prayer changes things but in these dreadful conditions, sometimes it is hard to see any way out for these children and I certainly don't know what I can do to help.

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