Thursday, 17 November 2011

Pipe dreams

Pipe Dreams

I just love having long conversations with people, getting past the casual chit chat and really down to deeper, real life things. I love dreaming about what could be and where. Today I chatted with a friend and we chatted about setting up some therapy services in one of the most beautiful places here in Ecuador. We had ideas, what kind of people it would be for, what kind of therapy we could offer, who else would want to work with us etc etc. My mind went into over drive as I thought more and more about it. For the children with special needs that I would work with, they could come for some respite or therapy. The location would be amazing; it is just outside the capital city so would be a welcome break for the busy city families. The children would have the rivers to explore, the colours and stimulation of the amazing butterflies and birds, the tranquil setting amongst the trees/forest, the smells, textures, sights and colours to stimulate the senses and the safety of a small town.

Of course it would never happen. The money for starters is not there and most of the dreams I have are impractical. It’s just a dream, but an amazing one at that!

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