Sunday, 25 December 2011

Christmas 12: Drama in Laura Flores

Well, this young peoples drama for the children was well and truly Ecuadorian, in so many ways. Firstly, we organised so many rehearsals, people didn’t show-up, times were changed, people we late etc!! Eventually it got to the day of the performance and we all arrived at 2pm.
Santa's helper, a child, gran and me, all visitors to Santa
However, we were down the main part, Father Christmas. So we waited, and waited, 3pm came and went. The programme was due to start at 4pm. The bus was picking us up at 3:30pm. 3:30pm came and went. No bus. No Father Christmas. 3:45 and the bus arrived. We piled in the bus, 2 to a seat, amongst the elf shoes, bottles of colas, bags or sweets and biscuits for the children and Christmas bread (like panetone). We arrive to Laura Flores and we were greeted by hundreds of children, ready and waiting for the programme to start. They were so excited. Really excited. We eventually battled through the children, joined in some songs and then Father Christmas arrived, Praise the Lord! After a quick last minute we rehearsed and then performed.

A girl telling Santa about Jesus
The drama went so much better than I had imagined. It was great to be part of it and see a hundred children watching and hearing something of Jesus this Christmas time. After giving out the bags of sweets we headed home.

Iluminous colas and Christmas bread for the children.

Although initially I was annoyed we had to wait around for ages and I had cancelled other Christmas activities to be there, I was so pleased to have been part of it. 

Giving out bags of sweets and biscuits to every LF child
There is so much good stuff happening in Laura Flores. The Ecuadorians in the church are increasingly keen to work there and take ownership of the programmes and activities, rather than it be run by English missionaries. There was a real buzz about the place. I came back feeling very christmasy. The fact that it was dark and rainy, also reminded me of Christmas!

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