Friday, 23 December 2011

Christmas 4: Shoeboxes

Last year the charity received loads of shoeboxes from Samaritans purse, Operation Christmas Child.

Thousands of people each year package up shoeboxes to give as gifts at Christmas time. They are sent out to needy children all over the World. This year, our school received loads of shoeboxes full of amazing things. Victoria and I had the joy of sorting through the things and finding Christmas presents for each child in the school.
Wrapping the presents, ready for the end of term
We both had prepared shoeboxes before and both found it great to see where the shoeboxes go. It was great to know the children and be able to find just the right gift that we thought each child would like. There was so much that will go a long way, not just only for the children as Christmas presents but also toiletries that can be given to poorer families for example in Laura Flores.

Please keep preparing your shoeboxes. They bring and share so much joy to many many children and families.

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